Goal Setting – How to Overcome Obstacles in Your Fitness Journey?

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So, you’ve done all the research, got the best fitness training courses, downloaded the best gym trainer app and you’re still lacking results? You’re pushing yourself, but don’t know the missing piece that’s pulling you away from your fitness progress? Health and fitness lifestyle is something that it’s not temporary and something that you’re doing along the way of your ordinary life. It’s the way of thinking and being in the zone of your exercise goals. Here are some things you might not think and that are overlooked when you’re working out.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

You’ve so motivated to get results that you’re forgetting the main thing, and that is – to REST. Yes, in order to get that lean muscle mass, you need to have a moderate level of activity and sleep. If you think that your body is a machine if you decided so, your wrong! We have a biological cycle that needs to work its magic. A study found that male participants that had a lack of sleep had their testosterone levels lower by 15%, which if far more than a normal drop of 1-2% for men over 30. We all know that testosterone is directly linked to your muscle growth and your strength, so don’t be surprised if you’re not getting what you’re seeing on all of these Instagram accounts. Sleep is also correlated with your mood and motivation, so if you feel like sitting all day watching Netflix, blame sleep deprivation.

Counting Calorie Intake, Forgetting Sugar

Nutrition is as much important as your activity level, but not just the calorie intake. You can eat as much as 2000 calories per day, but if it’s only carbs, you can forget about that lean muscle mass. Calories have not much to do with your diet quality, but the food you take. Too much sugar can increase your insulin, stopping the catabolic hormones from breaking down the fat and when your carbs go over the board, it gets metabolized in the liver and stored as fat. Your body doesn’t need all that sugar. If you’ve been reading and doing some research, you know that Silicon Valley has been raving about ketogenic diet which is based on eating fat and losing fat at the same time. So, win-win?

Creating Realistic Goals

You’re are active 5 days a week, you’re paying attention to what you’re eating, you’re drinking water but you’re not satisfied with your goals? Maybe you’re just setting your goals so high that you’re pushing yourself to failure. If you’re just too general about everything, how are you going to be happy when you achieve something when that something is not defined? Do you want to lose 30 lbs, 5, 100? Making sure you have short achievable goals with a time deadline will keep pushing you to achieve that goal and you will be able to measure it and make yourself proud when you see that numbers. You will need a higher purpose in your goal to motivate yourself. Think of why you want it and what will you gain with that goal. And then think about it every time you work out. If the motivation for that goal is strong, you are good to go.


When you’re starting off with your fitness routine, you feel all pumped up and ready to challenge the world! But, a week goes by and you start to miss your workout. If you hear the sentence: “Today I’m not in the mood.” or “I’ll do it later.”, “I’m too tired.”, you’re not setting the right goals to overpass that lack of motivation. The higher purpose of the goal is what’s going to prevent this. Write your workout and check the progress. Make it manageable and don’t do all at once. One day work on your upper body, the other day focus on the lower body and give your sore muscles a rest. Make a cycle and stick to a routine.

Listening to Other People’s Opinion

Yes, you’re feeling good, but your friends are not seeing the results you see in the mirror and you get discouraged? How many times have you seen jealous people? You need to start ignoring other people’s comments. If someone what you good, he will motivate you and help you achieve your goals. It is the support you get what’s going to make a real person. Are they worth of your negative feelings? If you feel motivated and your body feels it too, isn’t that enough for you to keep going that way? Consider your own feeling and ignore the rest.

You Don’t Know If You’re Doing the Right Thing

If you’re asking yourself this question, probably you don’t have a clue. But this is nothing that should discourage you from going for that healthy lifestyle. Most people who go to the gym don’t know how to use all this equipment and they break an injury. That’s why you should do some introductory training session if you’re going to use all these gym machines to keep in mind what you even need out of all these things. Ask the staff in your gym or someone who KNOWS what they’re doing to help you out. If you’re doing 200 reps but improperly, it’s like you’re doing less than 50 reps but the right way.  So, do your research and don’t be afraid to ask.

Your Workout Is Not What You Need

Every single body is different, so is yours. Someone needs more cardio; some people are more into yoga and others strive for big muscles. If you know your body and you set your goals straight, you will know if you need cardio for toned body or you need some weight lifting for muscle building. If your proportions are different, following other people’s routine might not work for you. That’s why a personal workout routine can have such a great difference when it comes to results. That doesn’t mean you must spend a fortune to get a personal trainer, you can do it with a simple app – Strivefit.

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