How To Include Activity When You’re Busy?

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So, you are at the beginning of your fitness journey, you feel motivated, have clear goals and everything works great! But after a few days, reality checks in and you all out of a sudden have school work, family time, social demanding that doesn’t leave you any time to take care of yourself? How about using some tactics which will help you overcome all those EXCUSES?


You have a job, school, study obligations, social activities and you don’t have an hour to take care of your body? Well, that is just an old excuse. In order to be active, you don’t need even an hour a day. Studies have shown that even a 10-minute activity has benefits to your health and can have an impact on your body weight. So, if you don’t have a full hour, try going for a walk for 15 minutes. Then, when you must do some errands, try doing them by walking. This could fill out that 30 minutes or even to an hour of your daily activities. If you have a dog, that is a great opportunity to walk 10-minutes around the neighborhood. Even some stretching at home before work or after getting back to the house can have a benefit on your posture and mood. So, don’t be lazy, a little less Netflix, and little more steps and you’re good to go even on the busiest day.


You went to bed late and you don’t feel like getting up early to go to the gym or even do some exercises at home. You should be prepared for that mood even before going to bed. The first step you should implement is putting your workout clothes near the bed so even when you don’t feel like it, the look on it will have a motivational impact on your and hopefully, you will feel energized to finish your workout for the day. If you feel like you can move from a couch after you get back from work, go straight to the gym after work? Bring your workout clothes and hit the gym or even take a walk back from work. You will complete your daily activity before you hit the bed and you will feel satisfaction and physical tiredness that will give you a better sleep.


Well, this is easy. You should be active, your kids are more certainly active, why not use it for your benefit? Take the kids with you. You can do yoga together, ride a bike or even use your baby to lift weights. Did you hear that last part? You can lay down and lift your baby to work out the chest, biceps or even do some squats and lunges with your baby in hands. You’re going to do some work and your baby is going to have so much fun!


Are you one of those procrastinators? Use your Netflix for your own good. There is a section where you have workout videos or even use some DVD or laptop to watch videos and workout in your own living room. Nowadays, this should not be a problem when there’s like thousands of videos on YouTube and many resources which you can follow to complete your daily activity. You can follow our specially designed workout with no equipment and be in the best shape of your life. You can even go to the park, have some pushups, dips on a bench or even run around the block. You can even workout while doing house chores. Do you have stairs in your house? Use it to carry some boxes up and down. There are so many options, you will not even be able to choose from.


When you work out, your body activates the muscles and you are putting your body at a higher activity than usual. After the weightlifting often is felt a sore muscle feeling which usually appears after a day or two after a workout. This has nothing to do with lactic acid, but it is the defense mechanism which your body activates when your muscles are activated after a long time. With this mechanism of inflammation, your body handles and injury and does the repair process. The immune cells produce a substance which makes your nerve cell endings activate and you feel the pain. A professor of exercise science at the University of Massachusetts, Priscilla M. Clarkson, Ph. D., says that a light exercises a day after a workout that gave you the soreness could help you recover faster. When you exercise, your blood flow increases in the muscles and this gives them more oxygen and more waste product removal. So, if you include a small activity the day after, you will recover faster and you will be able to work out again with the higher intensity, so the solution is not to rest, but to be more active.


If you are having a bad mood, this is another reason why you should get moving. A study by the department of exercise science at the University of Georgia in Athens found that riding a stationary bike for about 40 minutes can increase endorphins that control your mood so you’re going to feel happier (a phenomenon which is referred to as the runner’s high). So, if you feel like you’re bored or just have an anxiety or you don’t feel the motivation, push yourself into an activity which will give you the mood to be more active. The first step is the hardest.

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Medical student, freelancer, fitness enthusiastic.
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