How To Get Out Of Bed In No Time!

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Repeatedly hitting the snooze button? It happened to all of us. But some people have a problem with waking up almost every morning. If you think “I can’t wake up in the morning”, try some of these tricky steps for easier stepping out of a bed.

Get Enough Sleep!

 Easy to say. But how to make it happen if you are too tired to get out of bed? You have to change something in your daily schedule.

First: go to bed at the same time every night! If you go to bed late, try to move the bed time by just 10 minutes earlier every night. Take time for yourself at least half an hour before going to bed. Complete all the tasks, turn off the phone and computer. Keep quiet this half an hour before going to bed and enjoy in this peace. Let it become your daily ritual where you will rejoice. You should also exclude noon or afternoon napping since it can make you go to bed later. The proper dinner is very important for a good sleep. So, eat protein two hours before bed. Coffee, tea or sweets may wake up your brain.

Make Waking Up Easier!

You need motivation for everything, as well as to go to bed earlier and wake up on time. The day before, during your quiet part of the evening, plan something you love to do during your early morning the next day. So you can beforehand rejoice to your pleasant activity that will make easier waking up tomorrow.

Set your coffee on a timer. Most people say that flavor of the coffee in the morning makes everything easier.  If you like a coffee first thing in the morning, let it wake you up.

But before coffee, you have to turn off your alarm clock. If it is close to you, it would be easy to hit “snooze”. So, put your alarm clock across the room. Since it needs you to get out of the bed, you will feel the smell of a freshly brewed coffee and you will not go back to bed. Let your warm robe be close to the bed so you can easily throw it on when you get up.

When your early-morning plan includes something you’re excited about, that makes waking up much easier. So, if you have a friend with whom you work, meet him for half an hour before work and drink coffee together.

The long-term meaningful goal may be a strong motive to wake up on time. For example, if you want to lose your weight or get in a good shape, you’ll wake up earlier because running before work can make your day start full with energy or you may want to start making that favorite healthy breakfast.

The sound of your alarm is very important. You can set up a favorite song as an alarm sound making the transition into daytime less jarring and more relaxed. Also, you can try an app that promises to get you out of bed.

Some people spontaneously wake up when sunlight gets into their bedroom. So, if you want to wake up earlier, pull the curtains away before going to sleep.

Brainwash Yourself!

 If you have “can’t get out of bed disorder” set your snooze time on 10 minutes the first, but then cut out this 10 minutes to 5. After a while, you will be able to cut the remaining 5 minutes to zero which will give you an instant awakening success.

Beliefs have a major impact on each of us, but the good news is that they are changeable. You are probably convinced that you can’t wake up in the morning. Let’s start to think different this time. Ask yourself: is there any real reason for a trouble waking up in the morning? Are you ill? Are you weak? Are you captured? If your answer is “no”, then you have no excuse. Try thinking of that reasons during the day and acknowledge why you want to get out of bed or stay in.

Changing your habits is not easy. You’ll need time, so don’t blame yourself if you do fail at first, you just need some time before you adjust to this new routine.

Helpful Healthy Habits

 A healthy breakfast is the first pleasure in the morning, so why not give yourself that pleasure?  Now you have time for making it and you should enjoy it. Some whole grain carbs plus a protein will give you a quick rush of an energy. Besides, your body will be grateful till lunchtime, and over time, your metabolism will be healthier.

Exercise in the morning! It gives you an extra energy that will stimulate you through all day.

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