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It’s that time of year again, and it’s time to set those new year resolution goals. And then a couple months later it’s time to try again and reach that summer body goals. It’s just a never-ending cycle!

A rare few accomplish and reach their fitness goals, while others struggle to achieve them. Many factors come into play in why so many struggle: Lack of Motivation, lack of guidance, lack of knowledge, lack of time, can be expensive, inadequate analysis and evaluation of fitness goals, lack of accountability, lack of professional support, insufficient emphasis of nutrition, and lack of enjoyment.

Fitness apps are huge, but still no app passes the physical activity guidelines, nor provide you special guidance and support, to successfully help you reach your fitness goals; They come with a small database or preloaded workouts, plans of other athletic individuals for you to follow, instructional videos that aren’t so instructional, and much more…But there is nothing out there that’s specifically FOR YOU! Everyone is different and want to achieve different goals; Whether it’s to tone up, grow the booty, increase strength and power, increase muscle mass, increase your endurance; But without a structured and tailored program for you, the chances of you reaching your goals are slim – That’s just facts!


So what are you current options?…..get knowledgeable on your own which can take a while, tons of trial and errors and risk injury, pay thousands of dollars for face to face personal training, constantly try different diets and still not see any difference; With the internet nowadays, it can be extremely stressful and confusing. There’s constantly “THE NEW TOP DIET” or “THE NEW ELITE WORKOUT”, which will magically get you buff, magically burn that belly fat, or magically grow those glutes. But when it comes down it, there are specific and scientific ways to achieve certain results, which health professionals know best.

“Be Part of Something Great”

As Independent personal trainer, it’s always a fun journey seeing clients that come to you lost, and then seeing their transformation physically and emotionally. They start looking good and getting this sense of confidence, start making healthy habits and seeing the results from their actions, always excited to workout and continue progress, and making a permanent healthy and active lifestyle. YES YES…this may take time, but with dedication, motivation, and the right trainer, anyone can do it. From personal experience, most ppl get out of that slump after around 3-4 weeks; But majority of ppl that quit their fitness goal within 1-2 weeks. If they just had that extra push or accountability, they would have been on the right path to achieving their dream body. I love what I do and so do many other trainers, but were limited to the number of ppl we can train and truly help. We love getting ppl to the next level and their true potential, it’s our passion! Some of use even do online training, in order to expand our reach, but even then, it can be difficult to train online clients, and wished I could do more for them. Conducting online training can be difficult for both trainer and client. As of now, we send clients PDF files or excel sheets, difficult to motivate (email and skype calls when both parties are available), no accountability (besides having them to email you when they did a workout). Because of this, some clients get lost when it comes to certain workouts and have to look stuff up on youtube constantly, have too carry a notebook or paper throughout their workout, are limited to workouts, and lose motivation quickly and give up.

So now imagine if trainers were able to expand their reach to hundreds of ppl!
It would create the ultimate environment for success!

“the mission”

(for now)

“the mission”

(for future)

That’s why I created
an app for high quality personal training.

Where you can finally receive truly customized workout plans (which can be adjusted at any time and based on your equipment), so it’s easy to receive plans for in home, the gym, or wherever else you desire!

You can browse through our data-base and choose the right trainer for you (our rating and specialty filters allow you to find the exact trainer for you).

There’s also Professional guidance & goal setting/tracking, motivation, and accountability, for the entire duration of their program.

Not to mention, a tight community, which everyone is serious & motivated about reaching their fitness goals. Allowing you to reach your goals, while having fun and a sense of purpose.

I’ve taken my time to ensure I implemented all proper aspects to keep clients and trainers, dedicated, motivated, and successful. I’ve spent all my military savings and have taken out loans, in order to turn this dream into reality, and take the chance to truly help millions of ppl, in a way that will change them forever. I believe that investors would of invested in my startup, but going that route didn’t feel right and wanted to try something completely different, that really involved a community that truly believed in the vision. I want you guys to be part of my journey and will involve you in every step of the way. I WANT YOU to be involved in my entire branding process, be able to speak your mind about every update, and give decisions on topics that interest you the most. I will have an area within the app, where all your opinions will be seen, looked at, and accounted for. It’s almost as if you are a true part of my family & company. I know that together we can really achieve this and make a tremendous impact! This way I stick to principles that stick with me the most, and are principles that I want the community to believe in as well: Dedication, Motivation, and TEAMWORK. I truly believe that if you follow those 3 key elements, that anything is achievable (especially your fitness goals). I believe that if you guys see me achieve my dreams, that you will truly come in with the same mind set when it comes to reaching your goals! No matter what they are! I’ve stayed dedicated, I’ve stayed motivated, and now need your help to include the teamwork part!